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  • The Swiss cheese plant (Monstera adansonii) gets its common name from its large, heart-shaped leaves that develop holes as the plant ages (in a process called fenestration). This makes the leaves resemble Swiss cheese. Native to Central and South America.
  • Providing regular water and food will be your main care task with this plant. You also might need to do some maintenance pruning to keep the plant at your desired size.
  • The Swiss cheese plant loves to climb. The plant has aerial roots growing downward from the stem, which brace against the ground or any available support.
  • These plants like to be consistently moist but not soaked. Before watering your Swiss cheese plant, stick your finger into the soil about an inch deep. If the soil feels nearly dry to the touch, it’s time to water the plant. Irrigate until a little water runs out of the container’s drainage holes.
  • It is a famous houseplant with its large, glossy green leaves with deep splits.
  • It has air-purifying properties meaning that Monstera also helps create a pleasant environment in the home & Office.
  • The plant is a low-maintenance plant and can survive on moderate watering and partial shade.
  • The plant grows upto 6ft in height and spreads about 20 cm.