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  • Echeveria ‘Holy Gate’ is a lovely succulent. Echeveria ‘Holy Gate’: Pale, silvery blue rosette. This cultivar has fairly long leaves that curve inward to a point. Each year it can send up a tall bloom stalk from which dangle numerous orange, bell-shaped flowers.
  • Echeveria are small, slow-growing, low Maintenance plants. Provide a well-drained soil away from reflected heat. Once established, water infrequently during the hot season.
  • Echeveria ‘Holy Gate’ is a hybrid of unknown parentage.
  • The perfect starting succulent due to its toughness and strong will to live. Plant alongside other Echeveria to show off its colors and contrast it against other varieties. Perfect in a pot outdoors or indoors.
  • Plant will Be Given With Free plastic Pot