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  • Echeveria ‘Melaco’ is known for its beauty, as it grows it can reach around 15 cm (6″) tall and around 15 cm (6″) in diameter.
  • Succulent Plants are great for living wall, dish garden, miniature garden, terrariums, mini fairy garden and party wedding favors. It is also a great idea of as a gift for special days Like Marriage, Birthday Return Gift etc.
  • You will receive One potted Echeveria Melaco directly selected and shipped out from our farm with soil in Plastic planter. Strong roots.
  • Echeveria ‘Melaco‘ is an attractive succulent that forms shiny brownish-red rosettes with a green center. The rosettes grow up to 6 inches
  • Echeveria ‘Melaco‘ is an attractive succulent rosette with glossy, spade-shaped leaves which shift color throughout the seasons.
  • Plant Will Be Given With Free Plastic Pot