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  • Eucharis lily (Eucharis x grandiflora) is a graceful bulb that produces fragrant white flowers similar in shape to daffodils. It is native to South America which explains it’s other common name – the Amazon lily.
  • A bulbous Amazon lily is a low growing bulb producing star-shaped clusters of white flower.
  • Eucharis is a perennial with a bulb 2 to 6 cm in diameter. The stalked leaves are 20 to 55 cm long and 10 to 20 cm broad. Flowers are large, sweet-scented.
  • It likes shade and sheltered areas and makes an excellent potted plant
  • It can be planted in the garden
  • Plant them with their necks slightly above the soil surface
  • Plant in a normal potting compost and plant at 3 to 4 cm
  • Propagations by offsets can be done in the spring
  • Sunlight Bright light, partial shade
    Watering Medium
    Soil Sandy loam soil, well-drained soil
    Temperature 15 to 30 degrees C
    Fertilizer Use any organic fertilizer
    Harvest Season Spring (Flower & Bulb)