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  • Graptoveria, is a cross between Echeveria and Graptopetalum, two outstanding succulents. Graptoveria ‘Bashful’ is just as delightful with its blushing appeal. Try growing Bashful Graptoveria in combination with other succulents for a vacation-friendly blend of interesting houseplants.
  • Graptoveria ‘Bashful.’ This ground-hugging rosette form is an easy-to-grow, low-maintenance plant that stands in for a flower with its form and color.
  • Water needs only moderate watering when Established Keep in direct sun, water in morning, and water only when soil is fully dry
  • Plant Will Be given with free Plastic Pot
  • Echeveria ‘Mrs Richards’ ranges from the deepest reds to the brightest pinks. The rosette consists of larger, open leaves of pink, red and blue coloring. Under strong light, it almost looks fake due to it’s pastel-red coloring. Offsets readily from the base and flowers in the spring. A great plant for a succulent bowl or indoor planter.
  • A great plant for a succulent bowl or indoor planter.
  • Rare Live Succulent plant.
  • Plant Will Be Given With Free Plastic Pot.
  • Graptoveria superbum · This is a Graptopetalum and Echeveria hybrid
  • The Latin name Graptopetalum means “marked petals”
  • Like most succulents, they need great drainage and infrequent water
  • A very popular succulent for its beautiful purple pink foliage.
  • Graptopetalum pentandrum superbum is a pretty succulent, forming wide, open rosettes of fleshy, lavender-pink leaves held at the end of thick stems.
  • Plant Will Be Given With Free Plastic Pot