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  • Native to South Africa, this star-shaped flower symbolizes ‘happiness’ in the flower language. Our Ixia Flower Bulbs produce scintillating blossoms with beautiful spots and patches in the middle.
  • Ixia is an exotic iris family member that creates bright flowers with contrasting spots and blotches. These South African natives thrive in the hot, dry climes of the southwest, but they may also be grown in other warm regions if planted beneath roof overhangs to keep water out while enabling the plants to get the full sun they need.
  • For the finest visual impact, Ixias should be planted in groupings, borders, or pots; they also make excellent cut flowers. Flower bulbs are hardy, easy-to-grow cookies, but they despise having their feet wet: a bulb that is ‘bathing’ in water will decay in no time. So stay away from damp soil at all costs.