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  • PACK CONTENTS: 2 kg Porous Lava Rocks (Black Grey Natural Pumice Volcanic Rocks). Half to One Inch size. Rocks are packed in heavy quality LD bag which is then packed in a cardboard box (carton).
  • ✔ 100% NATURAL CONTENTS with MULTI USAGE: Contains Natural Organic Lava Volcanic Pumice Stones which are Black Grey in colour. Contains no chemicals or artificial materials; will not alter PH or hardness in any aquarium setup or garden plants soil and potting Mixes. Can be used as a soil additive, or top dressing in the art of bonsai, or bottom layer, for aquariums, ashtrays, fire media, fire pits.
  • ✔ SOILMIX: Ideal for Orchid, Bonsai, Adenium, Succulent and Cactus Soil Mixes. Great for use in Terrariums – help maintains necessary moisture in soil for plants growing and better breath. Mixing these rocks with any variety of Indoor or Outdoor plants would add porosity to the mix. The porosity of lava allows for better soil drainage while maintaining moisture to allow your succulents, cactus bonsai trees and other plants to cultivate and flourish.
  • ✔ AQUARIUM FILTER MEDIA: Mainly made of Natural Organic Lava Volcanic Pumice Stones which have a porous surface, which is an ideal environment for beneficial bacteria to colonize. Enables long stable filtration. Biological filtration starts quickly after the initial setup.
  • ✔ NEED NOT BE REPLACED, EVER: Instant and significant upgrade to almost any aquarium filter. Enables higher stocking levels and greatly superior Bio Filtration to Bio Balls or Ceramic Rings. Capable of housing anaerobic bacteria, which can greatly reduce the need for water changes.