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  • Tritonia crocata is a striking, late spring and early summer-flowering plant with fiery orange or reddish orange flower sprays and a fan of short, lance-shaped leaves.. It has a flattened corm surrounded by a few layers of fibrous outer tunics and multiplies by cormlets produced around its base. The three lower tepals of the flower have a narrow yellow or dark red central stripe in the throat, and all the tepals have attractive narrow translucent zones or ‘windows’ on the margins.
  • Tritonia are small bulbous plants up to 80 cm, that appear in great numbers in spring. The leaves are fan-shaped. The flowers are shades of yellow, orange or brown, sweet-smelling, and give off a very strong fragrance, especially at night. They are not grazed
  • Tritonia bulbs produce nice loose spikes of up to 10 flowers, each 1-2″ / 3-5 cm in diameter on slender, graceful branched stems. The rounded up facing flowers which narrow to a short tube at the base resemble those of freesias. They are long-lasting cut flowers and their vivid soft colors will brighten up any room. Their foliage is narrow and grassy.