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  • Echeveria ‘Lovely Rose’, is an attractive, small succulent plant with tightly compacted, plump, gray-green leaves
  • Lovely Rose’ is a small succulent belonging to Crassulaceae botanical family. The plant has a rosette of leaves and can grow up to 20 cm in diameter.
  • This hybrid is very rare and appreciated by collectors for its particular color. For its resemblance to the rose flower is usually used like centerpiece.
  • Also known as Graptoveria ‘Lovely Rose’. It is a small and rare succulent with both solitary or clustered habit, much appreciated and highly sought after by succulent lovers for its appearance that resembles a rosebud. Its particular gray-green leaves are compact and fleshy, they tend to enclose themselves towards the center just like a rose
  • Plant will be Given With Free Plastic Pot