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  • Sparaxis Flower bulbs Also known as wandflower or harlequin flower, these colorful members of the iris family have open star-shaped white, orange, lavender, yellow or pink flowers often centered with contrasting symmetrical patterns.
  • Sparaxis Flower bulbs Common name: Harlequin, Wand flower, Sparaxis
  • Color: Pink, yellow, Red, Purple
  • Height: Sparaxis flowers grow an average height of about 10 inches high. The total plant height is 12 to 18 inches.
  • Difficulty level: Easy
  • Planting & Care
    Use them as an accent in mixed beds and borders, rock gardens and containers.
  • Sunlight: They need full sun to grow and flower.
  • Soil: The soil should be kept continually moist, especially after planting.
  • Water: Water the bulbs immediately, and cover the area with a layer of mulch. Water garden plants as needed, especially during the first six weeks after planting.
  • Fertilizer: Apply any organic fertilizer once in 2 months
  • Care:
    • Little Sparaxis plant care is necessary with these flowers.
    • In wet summer gardens, the corms are best lifted and stored but in well-drained areas, they can be left in the ground.
    • Some species of the genus are not cold hardy.
    • So if you live in colder regions, dig up the corms and store them before the first frost.
    • The corms multiply rapidly if well watered throughout the growing season.
    • Seeds can be sown in autumn and will flower the second spring or the offsets can be divided during dormancy and replanted.