EtonGreen Sparaxis Mix Flower Bulbs (Set of 5 Bulbs)


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  • Sparaxis Flower bulbs Also known as wandflower or harlequin flower, these colorful members of the iris family have open star-shaped white, orange, lavender, yellow or pink flowers often centered with contrasting symmetrical patterns.
  • Sparaxis Flower bulbs Common name: Harlequin, Wand flower, Sparaxis
  • Color: Pink, yellow, Red, Purple
  • Height: Sparaxis flowers grow an average height of about 10 inches high. The total plant height is 12 to 18 inches.
  • Difficulty level: Easy
  • Planting & Care
    Use them as an accent in mixed beds and borders, rock gardens and containers.
  • Sunlight: They need full sun to grow and flower.
  • Soil: The soil should be kept continually moist, especially after planting.
  • Water: Water the bulbs immediately, and cover the area with a layer of mulch. Water garden plants as needed, especially during the first six weeks after planting.
  • Fertilizer: Apply any organic fertilizer once in 2 months
  • Care:
    • Little Sparaxis plant care is necessary with these flowers.
    • In wet summer gardens, the corms are best lifted and stored but in well-drained areas, they can be left in the ground.
    • Some species of the genus are not cold hardy.
    • So if you live in colder regions, dig up the corms and store them before the first frost.
    • The corms multiply rapidly if well watered throughout the growing season.
    • Seeds can be sown in autumn and will flower the second spring or the offsets can be divided during dormancy and replanted.

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Sparixis Tricolour known by the common names wandflower harliquen flower and Sparaxis is the bulb forming perennial plant and EtonGreen Provides you genuine and best Sparaxis bulbs For get beautiful flowers with sparaxis bulbs you need for well drained sunny soil then you can put bulb into the soil and cover the bulb with a thin layer of same potting mix and put some water for moist soil and leave the pot for sometime Water plant as needed especially during the first six weeks after planting This plants needs sunny area. We always doing work for customers satisfaction, For us Customers are first priority Keep supporting us and get fabulous products.

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