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EtonGreen Achimenese Maxicana (Purple) Flower Bulb (Set of 10 Bulbs)


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  • Achimenes mexicana is a beautiful and easy member of the Gesneriad family that grows from curious elongated scaly rhizomes.
  • It has gorgeous blue-purple flowers with a white throat. They are funnel-shaped and the colour is quite hard to capture photographically as in different lights they appear to oscillate between purple-blue and blue-purple.
  •  It should come as no surprise that this variety is a favorite among many for its high bloom count and solid, rich coloring. An excellent partner for white tuberous Begonias, these two create a gloriously contrasting display. Provide these easy growers with protection from the sun and regular water during active growth, and they’ll return the favor with months of bright blooms! Enjoy!

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The gorgeous, tubular purple-violet flowers of Achimenes appear on short stems that grow directly from the leaf axils.  the ‘Hot Water’ plant continuously blooms for several months if the soil is kept evenly moist at all times. Ideal for an indoor conservatory all year round, or as an outdoor visitor to a hanging basket or pot.

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