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EtonGreen Achimenese Pal Garima Flower Bulb (Set of 10 Bulbs)


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  • This beautiful bloomer is grown mostly as a flowering houseplant in hanging baskets or mixed containers. As relatives of African Violets, Achimenes fancy more moderate conditions than most outdoor settings provide. They grow best in areas with light to partial shade or dappled sun.
  • Choose a spot where your Achimenes will receive light to moderate shade or dappled sun.
  • Select a container with at least one drainage hole and fill it with a good quality, well-draining soil. Almost any commercially available potting mix will do the trick.
  • Dig small holes and nestle the bulbs 3/4”–1” deep and 3”–4” apart. Don’t worry about which side is up, as they will happily grow from any position.

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Flower Bulbs 100% Germination and Good Product. Common Name: Achimenes, African Violets, magic flowers, widow’s tears, Cupid’s bower, or hot water plant. Planting the bulbs 3/4cm deep and 3 to 4 inches apart . Expect sprouts to appear 2 to 4 weeks after planting. Achimenes grow fast and begin flowering at a young age.

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