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EtonGreen Day Lily Mixed Color Flower Bulb(Set of 5 Bulbs)


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  • A daylily or day lily is a flowering plant in the genus Hemerocallis, a member of the family Asphodelaceae, subfamily Hemerocallidoideae. Despite the common name, it is not in fact a lily. Gardening enthusiasts and horticulturists have long bred daylily species for their attractive flowers.
  • When it comes to plants that look simply stunning but are actually tough as nails, Daylilies are the first to come to mind! Also known as Hemerocallis, these happy bloomers are among the most popular and easiest perennial plants to grow in the sunny garden. Hardy throughout the country, Daylilies require minimal care to produce abundant blooms in a spectacular array of colors and forms
  • Plant your Daylilies in the ground in well-draining soil or containers with adequate drainage holes. If you notice water puddles in your outdoor location 5–6 hours after a hard rain, scout out another site or amend the soil with organic material. Site your plants where they will receive full sunlight or light shade in warmer climates.
  • Feel free to cut flowers while in bloom for bouquets and other arrangements, as this will not hurt the plants. While Daylily blooms last only a single day, choosing stems with several large buds will provide a few consecutive days of cut flowers.
  • Allow your Daylilies to rest for a few months before beginning the next growing cycle.
  • Mulch newly planted Daylilies to help manage freezing and thawing soils.
  • Amend the soil with compost, finely ground bark, or decomposed manure to raise the level 2″–3″ to improve the drainage. Daylilies appreciate an average amount of moisture but will not survive in waterlogged soil.
  • Plant immediately as Daylily roots will dry up if left out of the ground for too long.
  • Expect new top growth to form just a few weeks after planting, with speed depending on the amount of available warmth and moisture.

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Day lily bulb These hearty bulbs are easy to grow and require minimal care, provided that you plant them in the right place. At home in both formal and naturalistic settings, lilies also most take readily to containers. Plus, they all make wonderful cut flowers! Daylilies are clump-forming perennials with arching, grass like or strapline leaves. All the leaves arise from the base of the plant in two opposing ranks, resulting in a fan-like appearance.

Select a site that gets full sun. For dependable blooms, lilies need six to eight hours of direct sunlight a day. If it is too shady, the stems will attempt to lean towards the sun or get spindly and fall over. dig a hole deep and wide enough to accommodate the roots. Firm the soil around the crown, pressing down with both hands.

The amount of bloom is proportional to the amount of sun. In other words, the more sun the more blooms; but daylilies will grow in any light condition. A half day of afternoon sun is almost as good as a full day of sun. When choosing a location for them, consider how much of the day they would have direct sunlight. The midday and early afternoon sun is the strongest, but morning sun is usually adequate for a good show.

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