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EtonGreen Live Echeveria Painted Frills Succulent Plant


  • Echeveria Painted Frills is a beautiful succulent hybrid of Echeveria Nodulosa and Shaviana
  • Long, rounded, dark red leaves create a rosette shape with slightly frilly edges on the new growth.
  • A lovely looking landscaping plant that adds color to succulent gardens.
  • Perfect for pots on its own or as part of an arrangement/fairy garden.
  • The root system will be sufficiently developed.
  • Plant Will Be Given With Free plastic pot

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Echeveria can be propagated easily by separating pups, but also by leaf cuttings, and by seed. It needs a warm, sunny position with well drained soil to develop their foliage color. It is recommended to position plants in an area where they are in part shade. This means that they should be in morning sun, or afternoon sun, or both (but shaded during the harsh midday period). Alternatively, plants may be grown under full filtered sun underneath shade cloth which is usually stocked by your local hardware store. 50% filtration is recommended to avoid sunburn but maintain great color. You may need to test what works well in your particular climate. Most succulents will be grown in containers and pots and they will need good drainage medium. Add coarse grit such as perlite or pumice to soil and repot every year in late-spring. Don’t worry about damaging the roots when re-potting as most Echeveria generally tolerate disturbance well.

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