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EtonGreen Live Satin Pothos Argyraeus Indoor Plant with Pot


  • Satin Pothos Argyraeus is an excellent indoor plant due to its ability ot survive in low light . It is an Air Purifier plant as it efficiently removes indoor pollutants. It is also an easy to care for plant suitable in living room, balcony, bedroom or in hanging baskets.
  • It’s unique looking leaves make it a fantastic plant for living room home décor, office desk and is easy to maintain even for gardeners who are at beginner level.
  • Watering requirement for the plant is generally twice a week. But it is ideal to water it whenever the top layer of the soil feels dry.
  • You’ll see the best leaf color and variegation by keeping it in bright, indirect light. You’ll also keep the plant healthy by boosting the humidity around it. In fact, its variegated foliage makes Satin Pothos a beautiful addition to a terrarium.
  • Trails to 3 ft (90 cm) or more. You can cut the stems back to any length, if you want a smaller houseplant.

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A member of the beautiful satin Pothos family, the Argyraeus is more silver on its leaves than green as compared to other varieties. The heart-shaped leaves trail beautifully from vining stems. The plant does exceedingly well in low to medium light and looks stunning in indoor spaces. Place them on shelves and you can either let it trail or climb for a tropical look.

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