EtonGreen Rabbit Animal Miniature Garden Toy Set of 5


  • Shipping charge ₹ 90 for entire order
  • Feature Made up of poly resin, Ideal for mini garden, Eco friendly, Anti-Corrosive
    Category Miniatures
    Material Type Indoor/ Outdoor
    Color White
    Design Rabbit figurine miniatures
    Usage Model landscape, Tray Garden, Miniature Garden, Terrariums
    Size Small
    Dimensions Size of Rabbit is about 2.5 Cm
    Note Unit = Set of 5 Pc. Color as Shown.

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Rabbit Animal Miniature Garden Toy  is Perfect for any miniature garden scene. Suitable with small decorative gardening. Mini, hand-painted, This item is an excellent garden ornament. The theme-based decorations add to the festive atmosphere while also beautifying the gardens. They also improve the scenic view wherever they are kept.

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 17.8 × 12.8 × 10.8 cm


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