EtonGreen Live Succulent Plant Crassula Erosula Flame


  • This plant is a cluster of rosette shaped leaves in beautiful shades of emerald green, lime green and rose, like glittering jewels.
  • ‘Campfire’ requires very little care and prefers a location with good sun and good drainage. Blooms with inconspicuous white flowers
  • Crassula Erosula Flame plant are very easy to grow
  • Rare Variety
  • Plant Will Be Given With free Plastic Pot

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An extremely variable species. The narrow, pointed, splayed propeller-like leaves are initially a light green, but become a strong reddish colour in the sun. The leaves are stacked, and near the base of the rosette they are larger. Near the top of a rosette, the leaves gradually get smaller and change into floral bracts, as the stem forms a long, pointed inflorescence. It is a small, succulent herb (15-40 cm in height) – with stems that are either erect or rambling and mat-forming. Each stem forms roots at its internodes, which take root if the stem lies against the ground.

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