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EtonGreen Live Succulent Plant Crassula Campfire


  • Crassula capitella, is a perennial succulent plant native to southern Africa.
  • This is very colorful and eye-catching branched succulent with densely compact propeller-shaped leaves.
  • The foliage of this plant grows in prostrate with lime green color at the bottom and turns red at the tips.
  • it grows very fast with a little bit of care and produces vibrant and bright color 
  • This campfire succulent particularly attracts the bees and butterfly If you are a real lover of butterfly this is the best option for you.
  • Plant will be given With Free Plastic Pot
  • Water needs only moderate watering when established Keep in direct sun, water in morning, and water only when soil is fully dry
  • Its foliage has a very unique and exclusive feature when you give a little bit of stress to this plant it will achieve a vibrant and bright red color mainly in winter.

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Campfire Crassula” adds a lot of interest to your winter garden, where the Red color shines through. Can be used as ground cover, or as “spiller” in container gardens. Crassula ‘Campfire’ is a branching, succulent plant with fleshy, propeller-like leaves that mature from light green to bright red. To repot your Crassula, make sure the soil is dry before Re Potting, then gently remove the pot. Place the plant in its new pot and Fill It With Succulent Mixture Soil Campfire Crassula” has typical watering needs for a succulent. It’s best to use the “soak and dry” method, and allow the soil to dry out completely between watering.

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