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EtonGreen Gloxinia Tuberous Mixed Color Flower Bulbs (Set of 4 Bulbs)


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  • Did you know that gloxinia can be grown as house plants? True! Gloxinia are fabulous gift plants AND can be spectacular house plants if you give them proper care.
  • A few years ago, a gloxinia flowering houseplant (Sinningia speciosa) was considered a perennial. The plants would bloom and then die back. After a period of dormancy, the plant would regrow, delighting its owner with a fresh flush of big, velvety flowers.
  • Todays gloxinias are hybrids that are bred to quickly produce a large number of blossoms. These gloxinias produce an outstanding display for about two months, but once the flowers fade, the plant rarely comes back because it invests all its energy into flowers rather than sturdy roots. Therefore, these plants are best grown as annuals, and since they are discarded after the bloom cycle, gloxinia flower care focuses on keeping the plant looking fresh while it is in bloom.

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Gloxinia flower bulbs gives you best looking flower for your garden If you do gardening in a proper way so these bulbs give you full year flowers 1 part perlite 1 part vermicomposting 2 part cocopeat and 1 tsp. Antifungals powder you need to mix it properly this is a potting mix for the gloxinia bulbs so mix it and put it in the pot and put some bone meal into the pot set the bulbs over the potting mix and cover the bulbs with some more potting mix and sprinkle water into the pot only for soil moisture these bulbs needs around 30 minute morning sunlight for bloom so set it at the suitable location and water it when you see the soil dry

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