EtonGreen Essential Vermiculite for Gardening & Hydroponics (800 Grams)


  • Vermiculite mixed half and half with soil, peat or compost eliminates packed down soil in flower pots and houseplant containers
  • Add vermiculite to soil for conditioning and lightening either alone or in conjunction with peat or compost, this will accelerate the growth and promote anchorage for tender young root systems
  • Vermiculite is used as a soil amendment to promote better aeration and root growth or as a component in planting media
  • Allows excellent aeration, reducing watering frequency and allowing root spread
  • Improves Drainage & Aeration In Potting Mixes. Lightens soil and improves root and plant health. Assists with drainage and aeration for soil.

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Vermiculite can be found in potting soil or purchased by itself in four different sizes for gardening with vermiculite. Germinate seeds using the smallest size of vermiculite as a growing medium and the largest size for improved soil aeration. Vermiculite is the name of a group of hydrated laminar minerals (aluminum-iron magnesium silicates) which look like mica. Horticultural vermiculite is processed with massive heat that expands it into accordion shaped pellets composed of multiple layers of thin plates. It will not rot, deteriorate, or mold and is enduring, odorless, non-toxic and sterile.

You can use it to encourage seed germination and improve soil structure. This is because of its aeration and water-holding properties. Vermiculite is a naturally occurring mineral that is mined and processed into a puffy, lightweight granule mixed with soil to improve aeration and drainage. It used to be inexpensive and easy to get. Problems with one mine that produced the majority of commercial vermiculite have made it difficult to find in some parts of the country and people worry that it is no longer safe.

Booster to soil health Light weight compound for gardens Advantages:

  • Requires less watering.
  • Retains moisture and nutrients.
  • Improves soil aeration.
  • Needs no additional feeding.
  • Eliminates damping off.
  • Improves drought tolerance.
  • Helps in faster seed germinations.
  • Facilitates soil conditioning.


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